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Negima!? Neo
Negima!? Neo
Akamatsu Ken & Fujima Takuya

  • "Features the same characters and locations as Mahou Sensei Negima! , however, this series has a different story than the original. The new storyline explains the addition of punctuation to the title." - (Mangaupdates)
  • "Negi Springfield is ten years old... and a powerful wizard! This boy wizard is the greatest prodigy ever to graduate from his magic school in England. After graduation, however, Negi’s given an unusual assignment: teach English at an all-girl school in Japan. Now Negi has to find a way to deal with his thirty-one totally gorgeous–and completely overaffectionate–students... without using magic!" - (Del Rey)

Scanlation Status
  • Status: Current project
  • Started from: Chapter 5
  • Number releases: 16

Volume 1Chapter
Lesson 0None
Lesson 1None
Lesson 2None
Lesson 3None
Lesson 4None
  • We don't scanlated this volume.
  • Please support the publishers when they are available in your area.

Volume 2Chapter
Lesson 5The last student is a ghost?Download
Lesson 6Konoka-san is a great fortunetellerDownload
Lesson 7A Samurai's job is to protect the PrincessDownload
Lesson 8Leave it to the Library Expedition Club if you're looking for a bookDownload
Lesson 9Entering the childhood friendDownload
OmakeBaka RangersDownload
  • Status: Complete

Volume 3Chapter
Lesson 10- Unknown Tittle -Download
Lesson 11- Unknown Tittle -Download
Lesson 12- Unknown Tittle -Download
Lesson 13- Unknown Tittle -Download
Lesson 14- Unknown Tittle -Download
  • Status: Complete

Volume 4Chapter
Lesson 15Panic transferred student!Download
Lesson 16Taking up the slack in club activities!Download
Lesson 17Guys talk with their fist!?Download
Lesson 18"To convey this feeling" squad!?Download
Lesson 19Download
  • Status: Complete

Volume 5Chapter
Lesson 20None
Lesson 21None
Lesson 22None
Lesson 23None
Lesson 24None
  • Status: In Progress

Volume 6Chapter
Lesson 25None
Lesson 26None
Lesson 27None
Lesson 28None
Lesson 29The two cherriesDownload
  • Status: In Progress